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eWATCH is an observation platform designed to support the understanding of innovation and change in European education.

The project is focused on monitoring public policies at national, regional and local level, harvesting field and innovation intelligence in eLearning including school markets and indicators, cataloguing innovative practices in schools and higher education, and promoting the dissemination of research findings, knowledge and experiences.

eWATCH forms part of the European Union’s SOCRATES/MINERVA Action.

Policy Report
Last update on 07-06-2002
The report "EDUCATION IN e-EUROPE Public Policies for ICT in Schools" represents the results of a policy review within the eWATCH project, developed in the framework of the Socrates-Minerva Programme. The analysis presented is the outcome of one year of collective efforts in monitoring public policies at national, regional and local level across Europe as regards the use of ICT including information on school markets and indicators.
Practice Report
Last update on 07-06-2002
In the analysis of data in the practice report there is a concerted attempt not only to provide a snapshot of what the current position is in terms of ICT in schools but also to recognize, understand and articulate the novel elements with innovative change processes.
Visit The INSIGHT Schools
Last update on 07-06-2002
INSIGHT schools provide a micro-level view of ICT in practice across Europe. They are a small number of schools making significant innovations through the extensive use of ICT in teaching and in school management. They are willing to open their door to others for reflecting, evaluating, improving, and developing together. INSIGHT schools are involved in a number of EUN projects, notably eWatch and ENIS (the European Network of Innovative Schools).